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GoTicket by Superior Mobile Insurance Solutions
A Simplified Life Insurance Application Process for BGAs and Distributors

Jerry Lawyer & Associates announces the implementation of a Drop Ticket application submission process through ExamOne Superior Solutions’ GO TICKET platform. With this new option, producers complete a short form online or using Swiftapp, and ExamOne Superior Solutions does the rest.

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If you would like to register, please contact Jerry Lawyer & Associates directly at 800.284.0542. 


GO TICKET will give you the freedom you need to take an order quickly and then move on to the next sale, resting assured that your business will be processed quickly and efficiently.


Here's how it works.

  • Laptop Agent submits an electronic short form request for life insurance.

  • 2 Phones ExamOne fulfills the Part 1 Insurance Application via telephone interview AND schedules the exams.

  • 2 Phones Exam requirements and signatures are completed in the field.

  • 2 Phones In-good-order application packet is ready for submission for underwriting.

For More Information, call 800.284.0542

Jerry Lawyer and Associates